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Elevate your SEO with Online Business Branding & Product Awareness

Speak with one of our Curbside Specialists today to learn more about how to tap into our marketing clout and power to rank better and faster in Google, Youtube, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instgram, & Television.

CurbsideGo was founded by a group of veteran SEO & Marketing experts with over 20 years of experience in digital and traditional media. We have a long proven track record of boosting and ranking clients. We have over 2 decades of SEO experience since nearly the very beginning when Google updated only once a month.

We have packages available for all size businesses, whether, small, medium, or large – local, regional, or national.

The reasons we chose to set up the program according to the following outline are simple. Good marketing right now boils down to a few simple things – Search, Social, and Video content supplemented by a bit of Ad Marketing.

The Focus is largely on Google, Youtube, and Facebook due to the dominance of these platforms in marketing right now. Google along with it’s subsidiary Youtube is at the top of the heap followed by Facebook.

Major on the Majors

Remember most of what we do is focused on the search and social platforms people visit & share on, which is what people are looking for of their own volition. The added benefit to search and our organic posting is it sticks much better than ads which disappear once the ad campaign spend stops. We supplement with ads to speed up the process and fill in any holes in market coverage. Then as the shampoo bottle says…lather, rinse repeat. Why?

When people start to look for what they need, and they see a company in a few different places (searches, video, social media, ads, etc.) it registers sub-consciously and starts to build familiarity in their mind.

Don’t forget the old saying…

"Repetition is the Mother of Learning."

Why Use Mostly Search & Social Marketing Supplemented with Ads?

There are a few main reasons. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what people use when they are actually looking for something they want or need, and it sticks around longer. As we mentioned, once you stop paying for ads they’re gone forever. It works the same way with our organic Social Media posting. People are on social media platforms like Facebook constantly. When we post informative content organically that they may need or interest them, they’re likely to be drawn in and click or message for more information.

To really drive the point home, especially on the search front, we sometimes use a simple but funny multiple choice quiz to illustrate this to people and give everyone a laugh.

Know Before It's Too Late

If you had a pipe burst in your home and water was running everywhere, would you...

  • A. Get in the car and drive around looking for a Billboard for a 24/7 emergency plumber.
  • B. Get in the car to buy a newspaper and hope to find a a 24/7 emergency plumber ad.
  • C. Turn on the radio and hope you hear a 24/7 emergency plumber commercial.
  • D. Jump on your smartphone or computer and Google a 24/7 emergency plumber.
  • E. All of the Above. (just kidding, don't choose this)

Ads are good when people are in need of something and they actually see the ad, but that isn’t always the case. To illustrate this, ask yourself a simple question. Do you pay any attention to a billboard driving down the road or a commercial selling something you have no interest in or need for?

Additionally when you’re on Facebook, do you like seeing all the ads that constantly pop up? The answer for nearly everyone is…only if the ad is something you need at the moment and it takes you to a quality offering with some good choices.

The Search Market

The Ad Market

Why Build a Marketing Program This Way?

We spent a lot of time over the past twenty plus years with our clients creating, testing, tracking, and working issues out of the system. We know it works now and will be able to drive business. Now with CurbsideGo, we do more marketing, more quickly.

Program Benefits

  • Much Lower Cost - Think Group Insurance Rates in Marketing
  • Quicker Time to Market Saturation in Multiple Cities/Regions
  • Much Larger Media Channel Footprint - Not Just Google or Facebook or TV.
  • Coverage in Google, Youtube, Social Media, TV, Directories such as CurbsideGo, Accuweather, etc.
  • Choose the Media Channels You Want & Need

The program we’ve designed costs drastically less than other quotes we’ve given or seen from other companies lately and provides marketing in nearly every area and media channel unlike other alternatives.

Because of the focus in Google and other supporting Media Channels, we often see Randy’s Office have 2 or 3 search listings on the first page of Google for organic searches and even more in video searches. Facebook postings also become more prominent when added as a part of the package in both organics likes and shares and google searches.

Here is a list of the Media Channels included in the package.

Google (and other search engines - Bing, Yahoo, etc.) search is heavily focused on Google due to their 90% plus market share Youtube (the 2nd largest search engine and social media platform) Facebook LinkedIn Instagram CurbesideGo.com Cable TV Accuweather (if the group decides to collectively advertise) St. Lukes Health Network (see below for details) LehighValleyCityGuide.com EastCoastCityGuide.com PoconosLocal.com We also tie in each agents HealthMarkets Agent Website to boost those search rankings.

CurbsideGo and Other Supporting Media Channels

CurbsideGo.com is a new platform we build that already has great marketing clout in the Lehigh Valley after just being founded a few months ago. To give just one example of it’s growing marketing power, we were able to rank a client who is a local Assisted Living Advisor for seniors in a just few days. This was something he was paying his franchise marketer to do for him for many months with no results.